Progressive Classical Music Award

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The competition

Bringing some fresh air in the chamber music scene and reviving the classical music – that was the goal of Marie-Luise & Christoph Dingler (The Twiolins), when they originated the Progressive Classical Music Award (previously known as Crossover Composition Award). The competition is held every three/four years to expand the repertoire for  two violins. In the years 2009, 2012 and 2015 it has met a positive response with about 550 composers from 50 countries participating.

The competition is seeking music which “gets under the skin and sweeps the audience off their feet” . Whether using virtuosity or great emotions– it’s the  composers’ choice. Only one  formal condition: The work should last about 5 minutes.

Trailer Award 2015The Competition rules have  been designed flexible intentionally to allow creation of  new music with contemporary emotions. This diversity of styles is supposed to contribute to a sustainable development of the classical concerts and audiences.

In 2019 the fourth Progressive Classical Music Award (PCMA) will take place and continues the success, which started in the year 2009. The announcement will be published in January 2019.

Decisions made by the audience

During the PCMA the audience is directly involved in the running of the competition. After a pre-selection by a representative jury, consisting of established musicians, composers and conductors (Julian Rachlin, Aleksey Igudesman, Prof. Christoph Poppen, Prof. Sidney Corbett, Benedikt Brydern…), six finalists advance to the  grande finale:

All selected works will be  premiered by the Twiolins and the audience (300 – 400 attendees) then votes on the awards.

CCA 2009


The PCMA will be announced every three/four years starting January 1 (2009, 2012, 2015, 2019 …).

After the closing date for entries on July 1st the submitted work will be examined by the jury and six compositions will be chosen to advance.

At the end of September there is the grande finale in Mannheim:

  • In the first half the six selected compositions will be presented to the audience by the Twiolins in random order. Composer and titles will not be announced.
  • The audience votes for its favorites by ballot paper; the counting is done during the break.
  • In the second part of the finale the results will be announced and the prizes will be awarded.
  • At the end the work of the first prize winner will be performed again.

SustainabilityTwiolins Jury 2012

The winners, often young composers, receive prize money totaling 11.000€ which can support their studies/career.

The compositions are published by internationally renowned publishing houses: 2012 and 2015 Peer Music, 2009 Ries&Erler. Additionally they will be recorded on a CD by the Twiolins: 2011 „Virtuoso“, 2014 „Sunfire“, 2017 “Secret Places”.