announcement 2009

announcement 20092015-01-07T12:58:17+00:00

Compose the “outstanding piece”!

The goal

A super-song, a mega-composition, something that amazes people, that makes them cry, laugh or rejoice. Not too artsy but no cheap entertainment either. Take the best of pop, jazz, tango, opera, operetta, klezmer, soul, blues, minimalist music, virtuosic violin-music (Paganini, Wienawsky, Sarasate) or compose in your own style. Everything goes as long as the audience will be crazy about it.

Concerning the playing technique, the composition is expected to be sophisticated, challenging and unconventional. It is expected to combine new effects with innovative sounds and hot rhythms.

The composition must be written for this competition only and exclusively for our duo. We are also interested in already existing ( published or unpublished) duos but we cannot include them in this particular competition.

Instrumentation: 2 violins

Duration: approximately 5 minutes of music

Please send in legible manuscripts!


1. Prize: 3000€

2. Prize: 2000€

3. Prize: 1000€

4. Prize: 500€

5. Prize: 300€

6. Prize: 300€