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Write the Super hit!

Inspire the audience with your music and win prize money totaling 11.000€ with your composition – take part in the Progressive Classical Music Award 2019!

Compose new music for two violins that goes under the skin and sweeps audiences off their feet. There is no limit to your imagination. Using virtuosity or simply great emotionality– always remember that the audience has to be touched or carried away!

The style does not matter. Playing technique should be challenging, unconventional, with new effects, nice melodies, extreme sounds or hot rhythms – let your imagination run wild!

Orchestration: 2 violins.

Form: about 5 minute music.

Info: The work has to be composed for this competition. Adaption or arrangements are not permitted. Multiple submissions are allowed.

Closing date for entries: 5. July 2019, extended until 7. July, 23:59 CET

Finale with LiveStream: September 28, 2019, 20:00 CET, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen D5, 68159 Mannheim UNESCO City of Music, Germany


1. Prize: 5.000€, sponsored by Spiegel Institut Mannheim
2. Prize: 3.000€, sponsored by Brougier-Seisser-Cleve-Werhahn-Stiftung
3. Prize: 1.000€, sponsored by Ingenieurbüro Bräuer + Späh
4. Prize: 800€, sponsored by Dr. Hans-Oskar Koch
5. Prize: 600€, sponsored by GMS CNC-Technik
6. Prize: 600€, sponsored by GMS CNC-Technik

Additionally, the prizewinner works will be recorded by The Twiolins and added to their concert repertoire.
Additionally for prizes 1-3: One-year free subscription of all Symbolium instruments ($194 value each).
Additionally for prizes 4-6: One-year free subscription for Symbolium Violin package ($53 value each).


After a thorough examination by the jury, six works will be selected from all submissions. These will be premiered in the prize winner concert by The Twiolins. Following the concert, the audience will vote on the awards. Additionally the prizewinner works will be recorded professionally on a CD. For details see terms and conditions.


Please read the terms and conditions. Please use the registration form to submit your composition.

If you have questions regarding your submission please use the contact form or email to

If you have any questions please read the FAQ or contact us here.

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Composition: Which instruments / orchestration should i compose for?

Composition: How long should my piece be?

Composition: Can I arrange existing music for two violins?

Composition: Can I also enter music composed for the electric violin or effect machines?

Composition: Can i submit more than one composition?

Composition: Which page orientation, page format and file format should i use?

Composition: Can I enter music that I have already composed?

Participation: When is the application deadline?

Participation: Where can i find/download all important documents?

Participation: Which documents are necessary for taking part in the competition?

Participation: What is the processing fee?

Participation: Can i submit more than one composition?

Participation: How do I find my CODE NAME / keyword / codeword / chiffre?

Participation: Can I submit my composition by letter / registered mail / parcel / package?

Participation: How do I pay the application fee anonym?

Participation: How do I pay via paypal? Is it safe?

Participation: Am I allowed to include a recording of my work with my application?

Participation: Can I also send the sheet music by email?

Final: Do i have to be present at the final concert?


Komposition: Für welche Besetzung soll ich komponieren?

Komposition: Wie lange soll mein Stück dauern?

Komposition: Darf man vorhandene Musikwerke für zwei Violinen arrangieren?

Komposition: Darf man auch für E-Geigen oder Effektgeräten komponieren?

Komposition: Darf ich schon bereits komponierte Werke einsenden?

Komposition: Welche Seitenlayout, Papierformat und Dateiformat soll ich verwenden?

Teilnahme: Wann ist Anmeldeschluss / Einsendeschluss?

Teilnahme: Wo finde ich alle notwendigen Dokumente für die Teilnahme?

Teilnahme: Welche Unterlagen sind für eine vollständige Einsendung notwendig?

Teilnahme: Wie hoch ist die Bearbeitungsgebühr?

Teilnahme: Kann ich mehrere Komposition einsenden und wenn ja, wie?

Teilnahme: Wie finde ich mein Codewort / Keyword / Chiffre?

Teilnahme: Darf ich meine Komposition auch als Brief, Paket oder Päckchen schicken?

Teilnahme: Wie bezahle ich die Bearbeitungsgebühr anonym?

Teilnahme: Wie bezahle ich über Paypal? Ist das sicher?

Teilnahme: Soll ich die Anmeldung schon abschicken, bevor ich mein Werk fertig habe?

Teilnahme: Muss ich eine Aufnahme meines Werkes über das Anmeldung hochladen?

Teilnahme: Kann ich die Noten auch per Email schicken?

Finale: Muss ich als Komponist beim Finale anwesend sein?