Finale 2009

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That was the Crossover Composition Award 2009:

1. prize: Benedikt Brydern (Nr. 4 – Autobahn)
2. prize: Tina Ternes (Nr. 5 – Windspiel)
3. prize: Aleksey Igudesmann (Nr. 6 – Fever of Passion)
4. prize: Dorothea Mader (Nr. 3 – Pas de deux)
5. prize: Ewelina Nowicka (Nr 1 – Jongleurs)
6. prize: Teodor Nicolau (Nr. 2 – Fairy Tale)

Dear composers, dear sponsors, dear audience,

thank you for that wonderful party we had with you! Our work of the last year was worth it! Thanks to this watchful audience! Thanks to everyone who helped us, you were wonderful!

We keep on moving and hope to see you soon!


Marie-Luise & Christoph Dingler


Little statistics

Transmittals: 82

Attending countries: 14

Allocation: Germany 40, Great Britain 1, USA 6, France 3, Italy 3, Spain 1, Austria 8, Swizz 2, Czech Republic 1, Finnland 3, Poland 1, Sweden 1, Canada 1, Argentinia 1.

Detailed report

Big thanks to our sponsors!


The Heinrich-Vetter-Stiftung sponsored the Heinrich-Vetter-Award, endowed with 3000€.


The BSCW-Stiftung sponsored the BSCW-Award, endowed with 2000€.

Pro Musica Viva

The Pro-Musica-Viva-Maria-Strecke-Daelen-Stiftung sponsored the 3rd Award, endowed with 1000€.

The PE-Förderkreis für Studierende der Musik e.V. sponsored two awards with 250€.


betotech made the 4th award, endowed with 400€ possible.


At the Anna-Reiss-Saal of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen did the great finale happen.


The Kultur-Netz e.V. helped us a lot.


Ries&Erler puplished the winner peaces:

Please buy Autobahn, Windspiel, Jongleurs and Pas de deux.

Thanks to:

Stadt Mannheim Mannheim. Polychord.

Chalet Dingler Chalet Dingler -Tabak & Whisky.

Deelmann Deelmann.